November 24th, 2010

    Social meet-y-a. YIKES. It’s definitely here and apparently not disappearing any time soon. Does that mean we blindly succumb to the trends without understanding what’s in it for us?

    I say nay. There is an unparalleled individual in you screaming to be heard. And for that reason, the crazy influx of demanding pressures to conform presents an opportunity to… (Drum roll) differentiate. “Esplain, Lucy”. Don’t mind if I do.

    • You and your business will succeed without 1) a squeeze page, 2) putting your “call to action” in every social media message, 4) blogging only four of the best five of anything, so they’ll come back for the fifth, 6) subliminally inserting “buy my stuff” throughout your electronic communication 7) any or all of the above.
    • You don’t have to tweet to be heard, blog to be read, or linked in to make a connection to a human being. Numbers do NOT a relationship make. And Facebook is not a competition to have the largest number of “friends” you’ve never met.
    • Widgets, apps, CRMs, SEO, Google Analytics, YouTube et al are not determinants of anything… unless you design the criteria for their usage.

    There are certainly benefits to social media. The expediency of disseminating information and building relationships are infinitely greater. The ability to create meaning with brevity is certainly useful in this “instant gratification” society. (I recently read a suggestion that voice mail should be 140 characters!) Any invention is replete with ingenuity and creativity. But it is still our choice as to which invention we avail ourselves of.

    Your website is an ideal vehicle for providing the best benefits of the services you provide to your clients. A perfect tweet is a sweet freebee of worthwhile content and perhaps the start of a conversation. A blog is a great way to position yourself as an expert in your field. Facebook is a wealth of useful, fabulous information and yours for the taking. Linked In can provide new colleagues and amazing business dialogue and YouTube can be the best message you’ll ever deliver. ALL of this noise is noise UNTIL you to make an informed decision as to what you need and what best serves you. It should resonate with your brain, your heart and the expression of who you are. You drive the communication train and you decide what is necessary and what truly matters.

    Wendy Scharfman is a professional speaker, communication coach and trainer. She is the founder of Coaching for Effective Communication, a business she created to help her clients become dynamic, confident speakers who can inspire action by delivering a message that matters. Wendy specializes in Leadership Training and Team Building, Public Speaking Competencies, Message Refinement and Media Training.

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