November, 3rd, 2010

    We’ve all heard this expression, ad nauseam. “Video’s gone viral.” Could be a bad case of the flu. Then again, your 15 minutes may just be what the doctor ordered.

    It’s downright painful to watch some marketing videos these days. Either the speaker is robotic or just plain boring, obviously reading a script (badly) and not looking into the camera (i.e. at the audience), or the lighting is so unflattering it looks like the poor guy could use a cup of coffee and some sleep, not necessarily in that order. If you’re going to invest time and expense in creating a video for your business, why not polish it to a real shine so that you and your product or service are bathed in the most flattering light.

    Here’s a few tricks of the trade:

    Create a dynamic, jazzy script.

    It’s not just how great that dress looks; it’s how terrific your message is. Don’t forget to give us value in the words. Design a grrrrrreat opening, fill the video with useful and amusing information and end with some pizzazz (and your offer, if it’s part of the deal.)

    Less is more.

    For heaven’s sake, don’t do yourself the injustice of yammering on too long. Leave us wanting more…. Of what you’ve got. Capiche? Five minutes is PLENTY long. We are the instant gratification generation. Say it with feeling, but make it snappy. That doesn’t mean you should rush through it – pace is important. SLOW IT DOWN! Use some variation in your vocal dynamic. Make it compelling to listen to you.

    Great lighting, please!

    Know this. Lighting can make the difference between your looking fabulous or freaky. Take the time to “find the light” and flatter yourself shamelessly. Get some help on this if you need it. LED vs. the light bulb. That’s all I’m saying.

    Bonus camera tips.

    Use a tripod. Movement, especially the wobbly kind, is not your friend. And that goes for excessive motion on your part. Stand still, relax and focus on talking to us, the audience. Never let them see you flail. And one little extra useful tip – let the camera roll 5 to 10 seconds before you speak. You’ll avoid the potential of cutting off that smashing opening of yours.

    Got any great tips you’d like to share?  We’d love to hear them.

    Wendy Scharfman is a professional speaker, communication coach and trainer. She is the founder of Coaching for Effective Communication, a business she created to help her clients become dynamic, confident speakers who can inspire action by delivering a message that matters. Wendy specializes in Leadership Training and Team Building, Public Speaking Competencies, Message Refinement and Media Training.

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