I’ve come across some pretty powerful executives and entrepreneurs who can attack a project with ferocity and bring it to completion with great dedication and innovation. It’s inspiring to witness creative ideas come to fruition. But when it comes time to get out there and “spread the word”, be the expert, and tell a story that illustrates the heart of the message while relaying the salient facts in a concise, meaningful way….  Somehow, either the air goes out of the tires or that ole’ fear of having to speak in public becomes the Great Saboteur.

    Most people take their ability to communicate for granted. You’re born, you grow, you learn to speak. It’s usually a natural progression. And some of us seem to innately have been born with a silver tongue – the ability to entertain, make us laugh, “turn a phrase”.   In our work life, we need to develop a little charisma. A charismatic speech is really just the focus of powerful, contagious emotions paired with great ideas. If you have convictions about what you do, you can parlay that into your communication.  Like an applied science that must be transferred to a physical environment to be truly tested, the necessity of speaking well becomes a requirement for success no matter the pursuit.  If you can’t rally the troops with the ideas and projects you believe can help them, they most likely won’t engage.

    Here are three ways you can benefit from being a more powerful speaker:

    1)   You become a stronger leader.
    Winston Churchill said, “Without courage all virtues lose their meaning.” No matter what you have to say, how you say it will determine your ability to convince people of your ideas and to see you as a leader and the “go to” expert.  Get a communication coach, partner with a cohort, hire a copywriter – whatever it takes to fuel your message and speeches with contagious meaning and value. Not only do you stand a better chance of inspiring others to greater achievements, but you enhance your ability to achieve your goals on a consistent basis. You become a more valuable resource. Have the courage to communicate with conviction and skill.

    2)   Your influence grows.
    It stands to reason that if you are memorable, you provide useful, valuable and applicable content, then folks will spread the word. Your audience becomes your messenger. When this happens, it comes back to you tenfold.  Not only do more people want to utilize your ideas and programs, but your confidence in your ability to communicate makes you a more powerful, influential asset. You become a better listener and a stronger negotiator. And this, in turn, enhances your reputation as the authority in your area of expertise.

    3) You remember who you are.
    This may not seem a measureable demographic, but trust me when you are able to tell your own story within the context of the valuable information you are providing, magic happens. Your clients and audiences are able to connect in a visceral way and, then, simply, it matters more. That is the bridge to real leadership, which benefits you and those on whom you want to have an impact.

    Take the time and make the commitment to becoming a more powerful, articulate communicator. Your audience will thank you and you will thank you.

    Wendy Scharfman is a professional speaker, communication coach and trainer. She is the founder of Coaching for Effective Communication, a business she created to help her clients become dynamic, confident speakers who can inspire action by delivering a message that matters. Wendy specializes in Leadership Training and Team Building, Public Speaking Competencies, Message Refinement and Media Training.

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