• Win a chance to nail your business pitch or fine-tune that upcoming speech, interview or marketing video!

    Enter by Dec 15th

    Why we are having this contest?

    • Do you know your business better than anyone but can’t effectively talk about it?
    • Do you find that you just don’t have or make the time to be a better communicator when it comes to your business?
    • Wouldn’t you like to conquer your fear of speaking in public to become a more engaging and stronger leader?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the contest for YOU!

    Who should submit entries?

    • If you need to improve your public speaking competencies
    • If you own a business, work at a business, or are seeking employment where you need to articulate the value of what you do
    • If you become easily stressed or fearful when speaking in public

    What are the submission guidelines? (All submissions should be 500 words or less. Send your submission in an email, or attached as a file to Wendy@wendyscharfman.com )

    • Submit a SHORT story explaining your most embarrassing, funniest or just plain worst public speaking experience, or
    • Submit a SHORT description of the unusual or unique way you prepare for your public speaking experiences, or
    • Submit a SHORT explanation of why you deserve to win this contest

    What are the prizes?

    • 1st place wins a 1 hour phone consultation with Wendy to work on your choice of public speaking/or message refinement projects
    • 2nd place wins a 30 minute phone consultation with Wendy to work on your choice of public speaking/message refinement projects
    • 3rd place wins an introductory phone call with Wendy to help identify your speaking vulnerabilities and suggestions on how to strengthen them
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