The power of words. Whether it’s a snake oil salesman or the speaker at a global summit, we are influenced, informed and sometimes inspired by words. As human beings, our evolution enabled us to master our own form of communication…. Speech.  And if our ability to speak has given us the ability to disseminate information and ideas, sometimes eventuating in invention, then it is our responsibility to tell the truth and use our skills responsibly and wisely.

    As an actor, I have learned the beauty of words, as a teacher I have learned the power of words and as a communication coach I help people combine the beauty and power of their words to achieve their purpose.

    In my work as an actor, teacher and coach, I can make several universal observations:

    • Sincerity succeeds. Put your heart in it.
    • Put your attention to intention. If it’s clear and solid, it works. If it’s manipulative or tricky, the audience knows.
    • I repeat. The audience knows. You have to have a truthful connection to the material.
    • Always have you in it. Part of this process and the process of becoming a great communicator is finding the positive and comfortable relationship to yourself.

    As a dear friend of mine says, “It takes an unusual mind to undertake an analysis of the obvious”. Simply put, if you don’t understand or believe in what you want your audience to embrace, they won’t.

    Wendy Scharfman is a professional speaker, communication coach and trainer. She is the founder of Coaching for Effective Communication, a business she created to help her clients become dynamic, confident speakers who can inspire action by delivering a message that matters. Wendy specializes in Leadership Training and Team Building, Public Speaking Competencies, Message Refinement and Media Training.

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